Welcome to 杰克逊的大学!

To those of you who are new to our campus, 杰克逊的大学 extends a warm welcome. We want your transition to the College to be as smooth as possible. Those of you who are returning have already experienced the excitement, rigors and challenges of academic life. Yet, there may still be challenges that lie ahead as you delve further into your educational journey. Please feel free to ask questions and seek advice as needed. I hope that you will make the most of your college experience by taking advantage of the opportunities and resources available to you.

杰克逊的大学 strives to be a world-class institution. We could not do that without the support of our students. We want you to be successful, and we strive to facilitate your achievement by offering various services, opportunities for community involvement and locations to best serve you. While you are here, make the most of the opportunities afforded you. Meet other students. Get involved in campus life. 访问 with the faculty and seek their counsel. Above all else, make a difference in and out of the classroom.